About Us


Al-Mustafa Centre’s vision is simple and clear. To empower our young people to become global citizens who make positive contributions to the world we live in.

Al-Mustafa Centre was founded in 2002 and has been at the forefront in providing services for the spiritual, social and recreational benefit of the communities we serve. Our team works tirelessly to go the extra mile in ensuring that we deliver facilities and opportunities that are not currently being provided in the City but are strongly needed. We have a relentless focus on quality and this quality is the backbone upon which we deliver our classes and services. Our efforts have not gone unrecognised. Indeed when Bradford Council’s Department for Education decided to make a documentary about the work of supplementary schools in the district, they chose to use Al-Mustafa Centre as a case study of best practise. Our children’s islamic supplementary school serves over 500 young people every week  and has been oversubscribed by 100’s students for the last 5 or more years.


Everything that we do at our Centre is underpinned by our three core values; servitude, enlightenment and compassion.


By servitude we recognise that we are servants of God and so everything that we do has to be done humbly and for God’s pleasure. By servitude, we also believe that we are public servants and our duty is to work for the people and to meet the needs of those we serve in a sel ess fashion regardless of gender, race or religion.


Enlightenment is what we are trying to achieve for ourselves and for others through the educational classes, courses, and events we organise for children and adults alike. We believe that knowledge should be empowering and transformational. It should stir within us a change in our state and being, it should make us strong and self-confident, making us better believers, citizens and contributors to the communities we live in.


Finally, everything that we do has to be done with compassion. We are here for humanity and so we must show love and kindness. We must reach out to others and also open our doors so that we can be of benefit to others. This is what motivates us to organise the recreational and social activities that we provide including our interfaith meetings, community residentials, youth clubs, community fundays and more.