Al-Mustafa Academy

Al-Mustafa Academy

Nurturing Knowledge

Education is the core of our institute and the next generation of leaders are a product of the education we provide to the children of today. It is on this basis we expend so much of our effort and attention on our children’s’ madrasah. We take pride in our service on this front being the highest of quality; from the classroom facilities provided to students to the syllabus and class structure.

It may surprise many, but this small building provides education to nearly 500 young boys and girls throughout the week, holding as many as  250 students at one given time.   


A Comprehensive, Extensive Curriculum

Our Madrasah syllabus is designed to provide complete guidance for students in all aspects of their religious and social lives.

Students begin with the Qaidah and quickly move on to reciting the Qur’an with complete tajweed. Once completed they advance to the Islamic Studies Programme which introduces them to subjects which include Fiqh, Aqidah, Hadith, Adab and Tarikh (Islamic History).    

Amongst the most importantly classes the Madrasah hosts are our Junior Alimiyyah (Scholars Programme) and Hifz (Qur’an Memorisation) classes. These classes are designed to create the scholars and imams of the future.

The Junior Alimiyyah class, which comprises students as young as 12 years old, acts as a springboard for the students to launch to our higher level courses and become full fledged scholars. Studies in this class include Classical Arabic (Reading and Speaking), Fiqh and Aqidah.

Our formal Hifz class was set up in January 2014. With the determined dedication of the teacher, passionate commitment of the students and the vital support of parents, students have shown considerable progress and are expected to begin graduating in the coming year.

Our students are held to a high standard of discipline and are encouraged in upkeeping a smart appearance which is promoted by our Madrasah uniform.


Stimulating Study

We promote a friendly atmosphere of learning and this has instilled within our students a passionate thirst for knowledge.

Madrasah learning is further  stimulated by the other engaging activities we provide the students, both in and outside the Madrasah. Students participate in Table Tennis training, Football Tournaments as well as Religious and Social Seminars amongst the many other recreational activities provided.

At the end of the Academic year, students are treated to a well deserved trip. Last year, 50 students were taken for a weekend retreat to Kingswood Recreational Park, in which they climbed the high ropes, paddled in canoes and rode the zip wire amongst a host of other activities. Through out the trip Islamic ethos was central with the students praying their five daily prayers in congregation and showing brilliant character when engaging with members of the public on the site.


Operation & Engagement

The Madrasah is overlooked by a Principal as well as a designated male and female administrator on the respective sides. They provide essential support to both teachers and students, as well as maintaining a close relationship with parents.

Additionally, teachers engage with parents on a regular basis via student planners, updating them with their child’s progression. We also hold annual parents’ evenings in which the teachers communicate with parents in person providing them a verbal update as well as a written report of their child’s academic progress and behaviour.    


Madrasah Ethos

Our student values are summarised by our Madrasah ethos: Wisdom, Humility, Courage.

‘Wisdom’ represents the learning we instill within our students; they receive vital guidance in how to conduct themselves in all aspects of their lives.

‘Humility’. Knowledge alone can breed a false sense of intellectual superiority. Our students are taught that just as a branch bends with the weight of its fruit so too a learned person’s head lowers with humility. A core part of our syllabus is encouraging high moral conduct both when engaging with the environment and the people around us, no matter their race, ethnicity or faith.

Lastly, with knowledge comes the task of propagation ..and this requires ‘Courage’, both in being exemplars of that knowledge and in having the confidence to pass it forward. We instill confidence within students by giving them opportunities to perform in our Madrasah assemblies and public gatherings as well encouraging them to maintain a high moral character in all spheres of life.   


New Madrasah Syllabus: Polished to Perfection

In September 2015 we will be further improving the Madrasah syllabus beyond our already excellent standards. This new syllabus has been uniquely developed to provide all our students with an extensive understanding of all aspects of our faith. It is designed to extract the maximum potential of study by focusing on key, high priority subject areas.

The new Curriculum will be a Three Stage Programme extending over 8 years of Study. This is a progressively structured course in which students will undergo examinations at the end of each year with successful students moving onto the next academic year.

Stage One:  Three Year Qur’an Programme

Students will study the recitation of the entire Qur’an over the course of three years. Students move forward in unison, maximising the teacher’s attention to each and every student as well as the class supporting one another as they are on the same lesson. Aside from Qur’an reading, students are taught the ritual prayer (Salah) with its meaning and motions.  

Stage Two: Two year (Intermediary) Seerah (Prophetic Biography)

Day by day, our religion, and more particularly, our Prophet is increasingly becoming an object of scrutiny. Unfortunately, we are ill equipped to come to his defence, due to primarily being unacquainted with his noble life and character. It is for this reason, being educated on the Prophetic Biography is essential for every Muslim and we have deemed it to be so important as to make a core subject in our syllabus.  

In addition, students will memorise select surahs of the Qur’an as well as learning the fiqh of purification and prayer.

Stage Three: 3 year Advanced Studies Programme

This stage is perhaps the most important part of the Programme as it provides a unique path for students based on their strengths. Students identified as having a sharp memory, are placed on the Hifz route, and those who show strong comprehension skills, are advance on to the Alimiyyah programme (Scholars Programme). The remaining students proceed onwards on to intermediate level Islamic Studies (with a prime focus on Adab – Islamic Moral Conduct).

The philosophy behind this is that Hifz Programme is tendered to create Imams and Qur’an teachers, the Alimiyyah to create Scholars and Instructors, and the Intermediate Level Islamic Studies, with its focus on adab, to create good citizens of society ..and this is the least we expect from every one of our students.