Our trustees

At Al-Mustafa Centre we are not afraid to admit that we are a group with a relatively young management team, made of professionals and business people. We believe that this is what makes us unique compared to other religious and community organisation in the City and we believe this is what helps us to understand our communities needs and find innovative ways to meet these needs in a professional manner. Our teaching staff are extremely well qualified and passionate about what they do which is what drives our constant efforts to improve and enhance what we do.


Abdul Hafeez Aziz LLB (Trustee)

Abdul Hafeez is a graduate of Law, having completed his Law Degree and LPC at the University of Huddersfield. Most importantly, he is  a qualified Islamic Scholar. He was one of the inaugural students on the Centre’s alimiyyah programme and graduated in 2008. He is a very competent and highly respected teacher, specialising in Arabic grammar and Islamic law and is currently the Principal of Al-Mustafa’s children’s Islamic School.


Saleem Ali (Trustee)

Saleem is a successful entrepreneur and businessman and owner of the well known local restaurant café, Dhesi Grill. He formerly served as one of the first asian Police Officers in West Yorkshire Police.  He is passionate about community initiatives and is the general secretary of Al-Mustafa Centre.


Hamzah Khan LLB, Cert ED (Trustee)

Hamzah is a graduate of Law from the University of Sheffield. After finishing his degree he joined a Commercial law firm, Nabarro LLP. In 2012 he decided to leave the legal field in pursuit of a career in teaching. He qualified in 2013 and was promoted to Head of Year at a local secondary school in January 2015. Hamzah has been involved in running Al-Mustafa Centre from the young age of 17. He currently manages the finance and administration team at the Centre.


Ibrar Akram Bsc Accounting (Trustee)

Ibrar is a well-known member of the local community. He is a registered accountant operating from his own firm situated in Girlington. He is also a qualified Qari and a tremendous reciter of Quran. He is the Centre’s Mu’adhin and also supports the finance team at Al-Mustafa.


Abdul Aziz (Trustee)

Abdul Aziz is a founding member of Al-Mustafa. He is a businessman and owns the AHM Superstore in Bradford 7. He has been a passionate volunteer for the masjid for many years and continues to serve the Centre with passion.


Muhammad Farooq (Trustee)

Muhammad Farooq is a founding member of Al-Mustafa. He is a businessperson and regional manager for a national company. He is passionate about the work of the Centre and has relentlessly provided his support and advice to the Centre. Muhammad Farooq currently heads up the standards scrutiny group within the Centre.


Khalid Hussain Bsc Computing (Trustee)

Khalid is the Chief Information Officer for a national online payments Company. He is also the proud father of Ismail Hussain, the young nasheed reciter from Bradford. Khalid has been involved with Al-Mustafa from its initial inception and has given a huge amount of his time to support and further the Centre’s projects. He is currently part of the community outreach team at Al-Mustafa focusing on youth services.


Anwar ul Mustafa Hamdami (Trustee)

Allama Anwar ul Mustafa Hamdami is one of the founding Trustee’s of Al-Mustafa Centre. He served as headteacher and Imam from 2001-2007, before pursuing his interests in poetry and literature in Pakistan. He was pivotal to the founding of the Centre and worked tirelessly to establish our initial services. He currently serves as one of our Trustees. 


Muddaser ul Haq (Trustee)

Muddaser is a qualified electrical engineer. He is one of the 4 graduates of Al-Mustafa Centre’s inaugural and very first alimiyyah programme. He is a passionate teacher and specialises in Qirat and Fiqh. He is also in charge of the Centre’s youth projects – particularly focusing on sports and recreational projects.


Rabnawaz Khan (Trustee)

Rabnawaz Khan is a founding member of the Centre. He is a well-known member of the local community. For many years he was a bus driver for First, West Yorkshire. He has given many years of service to the Centre and passionately supports its projects.


Arshad Mahmood (Trustee)

Arshad Mahmood is a businessman and owner of the discount superstore, Mr Bargain. He is also a well known naat reciter and part of the Al-Madni group. He has been part of the Centre for many years and has dedicated his time to supporting its projects. He is incharge of Events at Al-Mustafa.