Mufti Fazil Hussain – Head Imam, Al-Mustafa Centre

Mufti Fazil is an integral part of Al-Mustafa Centre. He became our head imam in 2005 and has since been tirelessly and humbly leading our Imam training courses, producing a number of highly talented Imams and teachers who now serve institutions in Bradford. Mufti Fazil is a highly respected teacher of Arabic Grammar and Islamic Jurisprudence.


Mawlana Hafeez Aziz – Principal and Imam, Al-Mustafa Academy

Abdul Hafeez is a graduate of Law, having completed his Law Degree and LPC at the University of Huddersfield. Most importantly, he is  a qualified Islamic Scholar. He was one of the inaugural students on the Centre’s alimiyyah programme and graduated in 2008. He is a very competent and highly respected teacher, specialising in Arabic grammar and Islamic law and is currently the Principal of Al-Mustafa’s children’s Islamic School.


Ustadh Muddasir ul Haq – Vice Principal and Imam, Al-Mustafa Academy

Muddaser is a qualified electrical engineer. He is one of the 4 graduates of Al-Mustafa Centre’s inaugural and very first alimiyyah programme. He is a passionate teacher and specialises in Qirat and Fiqh. He is also in charge of the Centre’s youth projects – particularly focusing on sports and recreational projects.


Hafiz Ahmad Raza – Imam and senior teacher, Al-Mustafa Centre

Hafiz Ahmed Raza is a talented teacher of Quran. He graduated from the University of Punjab and is a competent teacher of Islamic Studies. He works tirelessly for the supplementary school at Al-Mustafa and runs hifz classes for young students, having recently received the honour of two of his students graduating from the Hifz class. 


Farhat Un Nisa – Senior Administrator (Sisters)

Farhat has been a member of the Centre’s team since 2005 and is one of the Senior Administrator at Al-Mustafa. She is a fantastic community worker with great relationships with our stakeholders and goes out of her way to help our students and parents.


Qaiser Hussain – Senior Administrator (Brothers)

Qaiser joined Al-Mustafa in 2007 and was recently appointed a Senior Administrator. He has a long history of work in community organisations and youth groups and started his career working for the famous “Police Boys” Group. He also works as a parent engagement worker for the St Edmonds Children’s Centre.


Hafsah Hussain – Senior Teacher, Al-Mustafa Centre

Hafsah is a competent teacher of Islamic Studies and one of our senior female teachers specialising in Quran and Fiqh. She has a fantastic relationship with her students and was rated outstanding in her teaching by our external quality assurers.


Tabassum Hussain – Senior Teacher, Al-Mustafa Centre

Tabassum is a competent teacher of Islamic Studies and one of our senior female teachers specialising in Quran and Fiqh. She is a highly respected teacher and leader and also delivers lectures and seminars for our adult classes.


Lubna Ali – Senior Teacher, Al-Mustafa Centre

Lubna is a competent teacher of Islamic Studies and one of our senior female teachers specialising in Quran and Fiqh. She is a fantastic reciter and comes from a scholarly family, with her father being the head Imam of a Bradford Masjid and an asset to our Centre.


Ustad Hamza Raheem Ali

Ustad Hamza Raheem Ali is a talented student of English Language at the University of Huddersfield. He is also a fantastic member of the teaching team at Al-Mustafa and is passionate about teaching and learning. He has fantastic relationships with his students and is highly respected by teachers and students alike.


Ustad Asim Ahmed

Ustad Asim is graduate of biochemistry from the University of Bradford. He also recently completed his Masters Degree at the University of Bradford. He is a talented teacher and also a Hafiz of the Quran. He specialised in Islamic Studies classes for our Secondary School students.


Shaykh Saad al Attas

Shaykh Saad is a well known and respected teacher, specialising in Tajweed, Tassawuf, Sirah and Tafsir, having completed his studies in South Africa, Syria and Yemen in the late 90’s. He is a highly respected speaker, delivering lectures at Universities and Islamic Organisations throughout the UK.


Ustad Muhammad Ali

Ustad Muhammad is a charismatic teacher and public speaker. He has a financial services background having been a manager at Santander Bank. He specialises in Jurisprudence and Tafsir and delivers numerous courses at Al-Mustafa.